The High Class Blonde London Escort Sandra


Hi, my name is Sandra and I am a London escort who works out of Chelsea. I have decided to make a site so that I can share all of my experiences with you, tell you gents exactly how I work, what I like and why I do what I do.

My London escorting career started out of necessity really. I was working in the city in a junior position so was not earning the huge amounts associated with where I worked but I was doing OK for myself. Whilst I held down my job in the city I was so busy and my hours were just ridiculous, working early mornings right through to late at night. Being a highly sexed creature, this was no good for me and I had no time to even find a casual one night stand, never mind a relationship. It was then that I started using the services of professional male escorts. I had tried dating sites and just going to pick up bars and it got too time consuming, so I started using these guys that I would find advertised in magazines.

It was then that it hit me. Why was I paying these guys for their company and time when I could be in their shoes and get paid and have fun myself. So I began to look into it, did some research and eventually contacted a couple of agencies. I met with one who claimed to be the top London escort agency and I was very impressed with their professionalism and the way they made me feel at ease. I told them why I was interested in becoming an escort in London and the guy who interviewed me looked me in the eye and told me that within one month I would have quit my job in the city and would one of the full time escorts London.

I kind of laughed off his suggestion, after all, I was only doing this to save me from having to be the person that paid the escort. I liked what he said so agreed that the following weekend I would go into their office, have a few pictures taken and set up my profile. I left the meeting quite excited and feeling like I was about to enter a new chapter in my life.

The weekend arrived and I was to meet at the agencies offices at 2.00pm. I decided that to get me in the mood I would treat myself to some new lingerie and toys, after all, it was now going to be on public view! I went shopping and before I knew it, it was time. I turned up at the offices and my pictures were taken. I was told that my look, blonde and busty, yet very classy would be very much in demand and I would be getting plenty of work.

I left the London escort agency office that day, sure that this really was going to be something that was about to change my life forever.